Monday, March 7, 2011

Mango Shark! :)

Hellooo. This is a special post for a very good friend of mine, MISS SANGEET RHANDAWA! She is very pretty and I love her. No not only because she is pretty. Hehe.

This is her!
Anyways dear mango, I want you to know that you are a superhero when it comes to friendships. You are someone that people will NEVER regret meeting and if they do, means we know that there's something really wrong with them. I love you to bits and knowing you really has brought so much joy to my life. You really are amazing and I want you to know that I really do admire you for being so strong, and even when you were going through a really rough time, you still told me about it with your jokes and laughter. I want you to know that I'll always be here for you, and you can count on me no matter what. Whatever happened doesn't make you a different person and I always will love you and I never will stop. Hahahahhaa. I LOVE YOU!

First time we went to Genting at night to drink&play cards. :)

THIS PIC! YOUR HOODIE! HAHAHAHAHH! and the comments for this pic on fb.

how we used to 'study' at the foyer. (forgive my dungu fringe)

You always let me molest you. :D

and you let me wear your shades at night coz we are awesome like that. :)

As usual, you teaching me how to hug coz apparently I don't know how to hug. I remember the exact words. :P

First time I went for Thaipusam! You held my hand coz I was scared! OH! This pic also shows how only both of us will be aware when someone is about to take our pic!

When we were sent to buy CDs.

Genting again. Drinking in Safari and dancing to Sexy Bitch till 9am in the morning.

Before going to the waterfall. (CrazyRetarded car dancing videos taken the same day)

We secretly really are lovers.

Random makan sessions.

Safari in Genting AGAIN. This was when Eli was super sick.

We were sober.

Pitbull together! Borrowed your IC coz I lost mine and I memorized ALL your details and even borrowed your bangle just to enter but they didn't even check IC. 

With our horns trying to act cool. If you see the comments for this pic on FB we kutuk Eli as usual. Then I just remembered how we laughed at her dancing. And how drunk we were. And how I tried fitting through my condo grill because I left the keys in Mini's car. And also how I left one side of my slipper in Eli's car. 

I will NEVER forget this day. "Eh Smi, paint paint my teeth!" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Your engagement! You looked so so perfect(you always do, but that day was WHOA) and I looked like mayat. I just balik from KL right. Anyways, your wedding I promise I'll look nicer! Oh, that was the first time in my life I wore a saree also! 

At Eli's 21st! Look at your face! hahahahahhaha! You like making sure I won't steal your cupcake like that! hehe. 

Me caught red handed trying to cuddle you in my sleep. I even left my pillow. You mcm avoiding. HAHHAHAHA. After Eli's 21st. We were high&stayed over and both of us slept in the hall. <3

This is not even half of the pics we took together. Got so many more but you know la I lazy to find. Hehe. Sunway days were awesome. Studying in foyer, candyman, lovestoned, lepaking in the Sunway field ordering Jaafar or Mohd's, bonding with our friends, ss19 padang drinking session, laughing at Eli, clubbing, Predator&Prey, your condo room when your roommate is not there, walking from Pyramid back to hostel at night, laughing at Eli, Gossip Girl, Fruit Family, Sea Sayangs Genting, Genting and more Genting, laughing at Eli, Pitbull, laughing at Eli again, doing retarded things together, waterfall, dancing crazily in the car, horrible ayam penyet in Ipoh, you yelling "Where the hell is the stupid pharmacist" only to find him standing RIGHT behind you, Fruitland!, clubbing, Valentine's day where we buy each other roses(last year), nasi kandar, omg so many more la but you get what I mean. Hehe. I LOVE YOU MY MANGO! :)

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